Yardi / Property Council Proptech Report: Technology Tops The Agenda

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The Australian property sector has historically lacked access to data on the acceleration and saturation of proptech in our markets. 

Now, Yardi has partnered with The Property Council to undertake an annual research project that seeks to understand how the current COVID-19 crisis has influenced the uptake of proptech across Australia, and what other barriers and opportunities influence the rate of innovation. 

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  • Which technology 22% of real estate professionals predict will support return to the office 
  • What 34% of industry leaders believe is the biggest barrier to proptech adoption in Australia
  • The software that had the biggest impact on business continuity during COVID-19
  • How 55% of real estate owners and operators are enhancing their existing technology systems
  • The new technology 52% of real estate owners and operators will be investing in

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